Tips for Staying Safe on a New Orleans Swamp Tour

“What do you mean a trip to the bayou? Isn’t that place ridden with alligators and crocodiles? I don’t want to go to such a scary place!”

This is probably your initial reaction when your parents or friends first proposed to go on a swamp day tour trip. But you know what? You’d be surprised to know that this isn’t really the case. Behind the seemingly daunting and scary atmosphere the bayou has (thanks to media misrepresentation), it’s actually a safe, laid-back, and peaceful place that’s filled with 100% nature and fresh air (read more). However, you’ll never actually come to know this side of the bayou if you keep on insisting that it’s the most dangerous place ever. If I must say, I can even think of several places you “normally” go to at the top of my head and they’re 10 or a hundred times more dangerous than any swamp!

Thing is, the bayou is a wonderful and magical place that deserves to be appreciated by more people. In fact, all places of nature should be – rainforests, lakes, nature reserves, etc. I think that people in general should go back to their roots and live life as it should be. All this hustling and bustling in urban cities will eventually wear your soul out. So even if it’s just every once in a while, I think that taking a step back, breathing in air that actually has little to no pollution, and resigning yourself to the nurturing embrace of Mother Nature is just what your soul needs to heal.

Should You Start Planning Your Upcoming Swamp Tour

If this question is subliminally asking whether you should “go on a swamp trip” then I have to say YES, you should. And yes, you should also start planning it as early as possible. Thorough planning will also help you put your worries to rest. The more you know about where you’re going and the more you prepare necessary precautions, the more you’ll be enjoy your trip without thinking about all the things that scare you. And luckily, you’ve got capable people to offer you Bayou Swamp Tours so that’s another thing you can rest easy about. I’m telling you; preparation is the first step to conquering your worst nightmares.

And I don’t just mean this swamp trip but basically everything other fear you have in general!

As you may already know, the bayou is home to many flora and fauna – some of the craziest and absurd ones you may not have even known to exist! There is so much to see that you’d realize a single day isn’t enough to enjoy them all. But hey, you’ve got to work with what you’ve got. While you might think that all these bugs and creatures are what you need to worry about, you’re quite wrong. What’s surprising really is that the things that will pose you actual danger are the kind of things you least expect danger from. In fact, most of the danger will come from your own carelessness.

Here’s how you can safe while on your swamp boating trip.

How to Stay Safe on A Swamp Tour

Tips for Staying Safe on a New Orleans Swamp Tour

1. Always Listen To Your Guide

When planning a trip to the bayou, the first thing you really need to worry about is getting yourself a well-rounded and experienced swamp tour guide. They’re not so hard to find especially when you know your way around the internet. The next thing you have to worry about after finding a good guide is yourself. How keen are you when it comes to listening to instructions?

You see, your guide is only able to do so much. They’re not there to babysit you. They will tell you what and what not to do but it’s up to you whether you’re able to discipline yourself. Don’t just have fun; have responsible fun and look after yourself. Always follow the guide’s instructions.

2. Apply Sunscreen

More than the scarily daunting wild life in the bayou, your greatest nemesis out there is actually the unpredictability of the weather. Some days can get pretty hot so if you don’t want to suffer from a nasty rash or sunburnt skin, you may want to lather on lots of sunscreen and wear breezy yet protective clothing. Also bring a bottle of water that can last you the day to avoid dehydration. Read more about the importance of this nifty item here:

3. Keep Your Hands on the Boat

Unless the guide tells you it’s okay to reach out for things or for the water, do not under any circumstance play around. Sightseeing is the main reason you’re in the bayou. There are other activities to enjoy as well but unless you get the go signal, keep your hands to yourself.

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