The 5 Best Kayak Lights in 2020

If you’re partial to kayaking early in the morning before the sun has fully risen or late into the night then having a light on your kayak is essential not only for seeing where all your stuff is on your yak but also it’s absolutely vital for safety reasons to ensure you’re fully visible by larger vessels and people can find you in case of an emergency.

In this post, we review some of the models that we think are the best kayak lights in 2020.

Best Lights For Kayaking

Best Rated Kayak Light Reviews

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#1. Kayalu WaterTorch 360° Kayak Light

Kayalu WaterTorch 360° Kayak Light | Boat Work Light | Handheld Torch | Suction...
  • Portable 360-Degree Bright White LED Kayak Deck Light and Handheld Submersible Torch with Suction Cup Base
  • Buoyant and waterproof (IPX8 rated), submersible to 1000 feet (300 m).
  • Rugged body and lens housing is virtually crush-proof, capable of withstanding direct impact

If you’re looking for a bright, low cost, strong and durable kayak light then the US made, Kayalu WaterTourch 360 is the one for you. It’s mounted on a pole that sits 18″ on top of your kayak and has on top an LED light that’s incredibly bright and is visible from over 2 miles away.

It’s also completely waterproof and water resistant up to 1000 feet so can withstand not only splashes but incase you do tip over it won’t effect it at all (just make sure you strap it to one of your D rings so you don’t lose it overboard).

It’s very low maintenance and runs on only three AA batteries and will last for over 100 hours. Plus, the LED bulb is rated to last an incredible 10,000 hours before needing to be replaced. Put another way, if you were to use it for 3 hours day, everyday, it would last for over 9 years. A no brainer if you’re looking for the best light a kayak.

#2. Attwood 14192-7 Kayak Light Kit

Attwood 14192-7 Water-Resistant Deck Mount LED Navigation Light Kit, Marine Gray...
  • Kit includes: red/green LED bow light, white LED stern light, mounts, telescoping pole, hardware
  • 2 convenient mounting options: screw down or use included adhesive pad
  • Sealed electronics in a shock-proof housing and a shatter-proof polycarbonate lens

Up next we have another good option for lighting up your kayak, the Attwood 14192-7. It’s a complete kayak lighting kit that contains a pole mounted LED light to put on the stern of your kayak, but, it also comes with with two red/green LED bow lights as well.

Built with waterproof casing to prevent them getting wet, each of the three lights in this kit is designed with polycarbonate lenses to ensure maximum durability even in the harshest environments.

The LED, pole mounted light which can be extended up to 24″ high to ensure maximum visibility, takes 3 AAA batteries and will last for over 150 hours of use before needing new ones. You also have the choice of mounting it permanently with the provided screw and mount or by using the adhesive VHB tape provided depending on what surface you’re attaching them too.

#3. Innovative Lighting Inc. Led Stern Light

Innovative Lighting Inc. 560-2110-7 Led Stern Light White W/Suction
  • Molded One Piece White Body Construction
  • Uses 90% Less Energy than Incandescent
  • Sealed Heavy Duty On/Off Switch

Another good kayak light to check out is this LED stern light from Innovative lighting Inc who have been manufacturing marine lighting for over 25 years. It’s highly portable and very simple designed light that uses suction to attach to your kayak, canoe or boat.

The powerful and bright LED bulb is rated to last over 100,000 hours before needing to be replaced and it only takes 4 AA batteries to power it.

The one downside to this light is the way it attaches to your kayak. It uses a suction cup that can sometimes come loose on some surfaces. But if it does fall in, the light is fully waterproof and floats. We recommend attaching a line to it just incase it does go overboard though.

All in all, it’s a simple, highly portable (weighing only 11 ounces) and cost effective light that is worth checking out.

#4. Kayalu Kayalite Kayak Light

Kayalu Kayalite Portable Bright White Led Kayak Light
  • High-performance portable navigation light, for kayak, SOT, SUP, canoe, dinghy, inflatable, scull.
  • Bright White 2-LED with white titanium-infused diffusion lens, 100 hours on 3 AA alkaline batteries (included).
  • Buoyant, deep water submersible (IPX8 rated), waterproof to 1000 feet (300 m).

The second light in our round up from Boston based kayak lighting brand Kayalu who know a thing or two about lights in the Kayalite kayak light which is one of the most popular options for navigation lights in the US.

Like you’d expect from the market leaders, the Kayalite runs for over 100 hours on only 3 AA batteries (which are included). As well as being long lasting, the light casing is highly durable, waterproof up to 1000 feet and buoyant so if it does fall in it won’t break.

The Kayalu Kayalite is very easy to attach on to your kayak too and can be fastened onto one of your kayak’s eyelets. You can then fasten it with the steel clip and nylon coated bungee for security.

The only downside about it is that you can’t adjust the height, but other than that it’s a fantastic light that we don’t hesitate to recommend.

#5. Botepon Marine Boat Bow Red and Green Navigation Lights

Botepon Marine Boat Bow Lights, Red and Green Led Navigation Lights, Kayak...
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY: Buy with confidence, our product provide 1 YEAR WARRANTY from date of purchase.
  • APPLICATION: Best idea for boat or kayak navigation lights, emergency lights, backup lights. These Lights can make your boat or...
  • SUPER BRIGHT: With 2 Bright LED design the safety light can make an effective visibility of over 0.6 mile, which ensures your...

And last, but not least are these red and green navigation lights from Botepon. These lights are super bright LED lights that are visible up to over 0.6 miles to ensure you’re visible out on the water.

They have three modes that allow you to switch them between being on constantly, or fast and slow flashing depending on which you want. Not only are they highly versatile, they’re also very long lasting and each one will last for over 160 hours of use before needing to replace the low cost CR2032 batteries.

We love how easy they are to install and can be clipped on almost anywhere. They also come with a one year warranty, get very good reviews and are very inexpensive.