The 5 Best Kayak Paddle Leashes in 2023

By James @ Sea Kayak Explorer
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Keeping hold of all your gear when you’re out on your kayak in no easy feat. You’ve got your paddles, fishing nets, rods as well as having to try to navigate and actually paddle. One way to know that you’re not going to lose something over board is by using kayak paddle leashes to tie your belongings down and ensure they’re always close by when you need them.

In this post, we’re going to look at some of our favorite options when it comes to looking for the best kayak paddle leashes in 2023.

Best Paddle Leashes For Kayaking

Best Rated Kayak Paddle Leash Reviews

Now we’re going to look at each individual paddle leash and share some of the reasons why it made it into our top rated leashes for kayaking.

#1. Perception Paddle & Rod Leash

Our Favorite
Perception Paddle & Rod Leash for Kayaks
  • Securely tethers your Paddle, fishing rod or other accessories for a worry-free trip on the water
  • Conveniently clips to your Pfd, kayak or SUP to keep items close at hand
  • Adjustable Velcro attachment loop accommodates items of various sizes and Dimensions
Reviews: 243

Our number one choice for kayak paddle leashes is this one from Perception. It’s a well made, affordable and convenient way to ensure all your accessories are safe. Just clip it on to one of the D-rings on your kayak or you PFD and you’re good to go.

This one from Perception can work with a whole host of different accessories as it attaches using adjustable velcro loop to mean that it’s very flexible and not just suitable for paddles but also fishing rods or nets. It stretches too and can go up to 45″ long. An essential bit of kit to save you from having to go for a dip and worth the small amount of money it costs.

#2. Seattle Sports Multi Leash For Kayak Paddles

Seattle Sports Multi Leash - Secure Stretch Lanyard Leash for Paddles and Fishing Poles
  • SECURE - Keep From Losing Your Paddles and Fishing Rods By Securing Them With The Multi Leash
  • STRETCHY - The Multi Leash Stretches to 48" in Length and Retracts to 32"
  • MATERIALS - Internal Bungee Sheathed in Heavy Duty High Visibility Green Tubular Webbing
Reviews: 341

Another option to consider is the Seattle Sports Multi Leash for kayak paddles. Again, despite being called a leash for kayak paddles, it’s also more than suitable for other types of accessories like fishing rods and nets as it attaches with velcro to fit anything. Just clip it on to a D-ring with the quick release buckle and you’re good to go in seconds.

It’s made from a strong, internal bungee, which means, just like the Perception leash, it stretches and retracts as needed and can reach up to 48″ long. Then, on the outside it comes in a high visibility green webbing to ensure durability and that you can see it at all times. A great option and an easy product to recommend for anyone looking for one of the best rated leashes for their paddle.

#3. Boncas Paddle and Rod Leash Kayaking

Paddle Leash Safety Rod Bungee Rod Holder Gripping Gear Leash with Innovative Gel Grip to The Paddle or Rod for Kayaking, Canoeing (Set of 5)
  • Keep paddle safe: Work well as a safety accessories, no worry about the missing paddle at the end of canoeing.
  • Hands-free: Using Boncas paddle leash, you can enjoy sunbathe, taking photos, fishing and so on instead of handcuffing you to a...
  • Sturdy material: Boncas Paddle Leash is made of high-quality woven nylon to anti-tearing of pull and gravity; the aluminum alloy...
Reviews: 634

In at number three we can recommend this kayak paddle and rod leash from Boncas. It’s made from high-quality woven nylon that is super strong and won’t tear even when pulling it hard. The buckles that it clips to your kayak or life jacket are made of a durable aluminum alloy that is completely rust proof, even in salt water so you know it’ll last.

We love how it attaches to the paddle too using a gel like face that really holds it in place and prevents it from slipping back and forth. When it’s fully taut, it stretches up to 100cm and then retracts back to 50cm. If you need to to be longer you can just tie two together. The best thing about this leash is that it comes in a pack of 5 so you can ensure all your gear is securely attached for a very good price.

#4. Campingandkayaking Paddle Leash

Campingandkayaking Made in The USA. Kayak Paddle/Rod/Gear Leash Now with Cinch Lock, 3 Black Leashes and 1 Carabiner. Built to Last.
  • American Owned, USA Made! Now with Cinch Lock! NO HOOK & LOOP TO FAIL! 3 black gear leashes included and 1 carabiner. Hardware...
  • Fixed elongation, Will not over stretch and loose elasticity. Woven construction and long bar-tack sewn, Built to last.
  • 20 inches of elongation keeps it out of the way but gives you the reach you need when paddling or reeling in the big one.
Reviews: 4610

Here we have a great little paddle leash set from outdoor brand Campingandkayaking. This set comes with three leashes, one for your kayak and two to use as spares or attach other items down like rods, nets or other valuables. You can even loop two of them together if you need a longer one but these leashes are 20″ long and then stretch another 20″ giving a total length of 40″. Not quite as long as some of the other options we’ve looked at but still plenty for most users.

#5. YYST Paddle Leash

YYST 1 Piece 36 Inch Deluxe Red Kayak Paddle Leash Kayak Rod Leash Tool Lanyard Fishing Leash SUP Paddle Leash SUP Leash
  • Adjustable loop. Easy to attach. Just wrap it on your padddle. And clip one end to your d ring or pad eye or D ring. No more...
  • Quantity : 1 piece of red leash with adjustable loop.Length: 36 INCH when unstretchable.
  • Color : Red . It can be easily noticed while using.
Reviews: 1020

And last but by no means least we have this paddle leash from YYSY. This is an easy to use leash that wraps around the shaft of your paddle or rod and then conveniently clips on to one of your D rings. The clip is made of plastic with a steel wire gate that is completely corrosion resistant, even in salt water to ensure it retains its strength for years.

It comes in a nice looking, bright red color that we like. The only downside to the one is that it only stretches to 36 inches, the shortest of the leashes we’ve reviewed in this list. It should be fine for most uses but it’s always to have a bit more slack.

Kayak Paddle Leash Buying Guide

Before we get to the reviews of some of the leashes we recommend, we’ll try to answer a few questions you might have before you purchase one. Also, if you don’t own one, we’d recommend checking out our post on what we think is the best kayak paddle here.

Why use a Paddle Leash?

A common question we got asked is why do you need a paddle leash? Are they really worth it? Well, they can come in very handy when out on the water. They’re designed to prevent you paddle – or other accessories, from floating away if it accidentally goes overboard.

They’re very easy to set up as they wrap around the paddle using a velcro attachment that you can then secure to one of the D-rings on your kayak. You can attach them to your life vest too but this isn’t recommended unless the water is calm.

The main benefit of using a paddle leash is that you can have a lot more freedom and can safely let go of your paddle without worry about where it is. They’re very popular with kayak anglers who are switching between their paddle and rod regularly. And also, if you’re taking lots of photos when out on the water you can just let go of your paddle in the water and when you’re done just reel it back in.

How Long Should a Paddle Leash be?

Most paddle leashes should be at least 6′ long when fully stretched. Any longer and they can break. Un-stretched they’ll typically be less than 4′ although this can very from brand to brand.

Where to Attach a Paddle Leash?

There are lots of options when it comes to attaching your paddle leash. The most common place is to attach it to your kayak via a D-ring or any attachment points you have. You can also attach it to your life vest although it isn’t recommended and should only be done in calm water.

When not to use a Paddle Leash?

It’s not always recommended to use a paddle leash when kayaking. The main times you shouldn’t use one is during extreme weather conditions like out at sea or when you are whitewater kayaking. Your paddle can easily get caught in obstacles in the river and if the current is strong enough can cause you to capsize or even get pulled underwater.

As we mentioned earlier, you also shouldn’t attach your kayak paddle to your life vest via a paddle leash. It can be okay in calm water and lots of people do it, but, if you’re in strong currents you can get pulled under or stuck and it can be very dangerous.

So Which one Should you get?

We hope that’s helped you narrow down which paddle leash might be the best one for you. Once you’ve used a paddle leash you won’t be able to go paddling without it as the convenience of them is something you’ll get used to quickly.

If in doubt about which one to get we’d recommend going for the Perception Paddle & Rod Leash. The strong durable materials, reputable brand and amazing reviews that it gets mean that it’s an easy recommendation for us to make and one we know you’ll like. For more information, to read the reviews and get the best price click the button below.