The 5 Best Kayaking Gloves in 2020

Spending a long day out on your kayak can take its toll on your body, especially your hands as they tightly grip your paddle to push your through the water. Without the proper technique you can quickly get blisters that can be really painful. One way to overcome this is by using a pair of quality kayaking gloves. Not only will it protect your hands from blisters and callouses but will also keep your hands warm when paddling in the winter.

In this post, we’ll take a look at what we think are the 5 best kayaking gloves in 2020 and review why they’re so good.

Best Gloves For Kayaking

Best Rated Kayaking Glove Reviews

Now, let’s take an in depth look at some of our favorite options in our kayaking glove reviews.

#1. Outdoor Research Upsurge Paddle Gloves

Without a doubt, are favorite ones are the Outdoor Research Upsurge kayaking gloves. They’re designed for paddling using a sustainable synthetic suede which is made from 92% recycled materials that’ll not only protect your from the cold and blisters but also the sun as it’s got UV protection.

You won’t notice you’re wearing them as the suede fabric that they’re constructed with offers foam support that to give you a completely natural grip of your paddle or oar. The suede features breathable Airprene to allow your hands to maintain their temperature keeping them warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. They also have drain holes to allow the water to drain out keeping them dry.

#2. Warmers Barnacle Half Finger Paddling Glove

Warmers (D3245) Barnacle Half Finger Paddling Glove (Black/Blue, Large)
  • Neoprene, lycra and terry cloth
  • Lightweight glove for superior protection and control
  • Silicone "Barnacle" tactiles offer grip and control but still allow for a "skin-like" feel

Another option to consider is these Barnacle half finger gloves from Warmers. Made in China, they’re a light weight glove made from Neoprene and lycra with silicone ‘barnacle’ features that help you to better grip the shaft to give you a good grip as if you weren’t even wearing them.

Despite being thin and comfortable they have padding in all the right places, especially where your thumb and index finger meet on your hand which is a point while paddling. These gloves are well padded to prevent any pain there which we really liked to see.

These are a good option if you need to keep your fingers free for more fine movements like operating electronics or fishing and using your phone.

#3. The Fishing Tree Fingerless Fishing Gloves

The Fishing Tree Fingerless Fishing Gloves, Certified Sun Protection UPF50+...
  • ☀️ UNISEX FINGER LESS UV kayak GLOVES TESTED and VERIFIED by global scientific testing company, SGS GROUP, as UPF and SPF 50+...
  • ☀️ BLOCKS SUNBURN DAMAGE and helps protect hands from sunspots, skin toughening and aging, REDUCING THE CHANCES of...
  • ☀️ MACHINE WASHABLE so after strenuous activity like cycle rides, rowing, fly fishing, fish handling, playing tennis, golf,...

Another pair of fingerless kayaking gloves to check out are these from The Fishing Tree. They’re made for being used outdoors with SPF 50+ UV protection woven into the fabric to keep your hands safe from the sun’s radiation.

They’re made from spandex and Amara faux leather that allows your hands to breathe and give you great grip of whatever you’re holding. The thin but well padded design means that you won’t realise you’re even wearing them.

Easy to put on and fully adjustable they’re a good option for anyone, no matter what wrist size you have. They’re also machine washable which is a good feature we like to see. Gloves get dirty quickly and so being able to clean the easily is a good feature.

#4. Glacier Glove Perfect Curve Gloves

Perfect Curve Glove, Large
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Pre-Curved Fingers
  • 2MM Fleece Lined Neoprene

Up next we have the Perfect Curve Gloves from outdoor brand Glacier Glove. These are a 100% waterproof pair of gloves that are ideal for winter kayaking to keep your hands from getting cold up as no water gets in at all. You can fully submerge your hands in freezing cold water and nothing will get through!

The lining on the inside is made from 2mm thick fleece so they feel wonderfully comfortable on your hands, plus the outside is made out of Neoprene, a synthetic rubber that proves great flexibility and stability no matter what the temperature.

The one downside is they’re quite bulky but if you’re looking for something a bit more heavy duty to keep you completely dry and warm check them out.

#5. Palmyth UV Fishing Gloves

Palmyth UV Fishing Gloves Sun Protection Fingerless Kayaking Glove Men Women UPF...
  • ☀️ Palmyth unisex UV gloves are half finger gloves with shortened fingers and shortened wrist. They are natural on the water...
  • ☀️ Full synthetic leather palm and non-slip silicone dots reinforced palm for a better grip and durability: Extra layer of...
  • ☀️ Features stretchy, lightweight, breathable quick drying fabric that actually keeps your hands cooler and drier than wearing...

And finally, last, but not least we have the Palmuth UV fingerless gloves. Made from synthetic leather they offer great grip and good durability, two of the main things you’re looking for when out on the water. As well as that, they certified UPF 50+ UV protection to keep your hands safe from the sun’s rays, but obviously as they’re fingerless you’ll still need to apply protection to the ends of your fingers.

Around the palm they’ve been designed with an extra lay of synthetic leather to ensure your hands are well protected and prevent any blisters. They’re also lined with non slip silicone dots to aid your grip, a useful feature when handling wet items out on the water.

All in all, they’re a great, lightweight and breathable glove that will keep your hands cool and dry, while aiding your grip but not feel like the inhibiting you.