Eddyline Rio Review

The Rio is a smaller version of Eddyline’s popular Skylark kayak. This nimble little kayak is designed for small- and medium-framed paddlers and has an infinitely adjustable seat and molded thigh braces for a great fit. 

The fusion bulkheads and deck lines enhance safety, and it has generous storage capacity. It has all the features of a long boat in a more compact kayak that is easier to transport, easier to store, and a pleasure in the water.   

The Eddyline Rio Kayak is a sporty, extra-light touring kayak that is fast, responsive, and fun. Designed with the stability and ease of handling that will appeal to beginners, it has plenty of features for more experienced paddlers, and can easily keep up with even much larger kayaks. 

Overview of the Eddyline Rio


  • Type: 1-person day touring kayak
  • Size: 11’9” x 24” 
  • Depth: 12 inches
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Weight capacity: 270 pounds
  • Storage volume: 9 cubic feet
  • Cockpit size: 31.75” x 15.5” inches
  • Materials: Thermoformed ABS plastic
  • Seat type: fixed, padded, Infinity Seat
  • Color: Lime

Construction and build

The Eddyline Rio Kayak is made of thermoformed ABS plastic that gives the look and performance of composite, but with the durability and light weight of ABS plastic. It’s designed to be exceptionally nimble, with hard chines that create enhanced tracking and responsive control. It has bow and stern fusion bulkheads for flotation and stability, with 10 inch hatches in the bow and stern for secure storage. 

The Eddyline Rio Kayak weighs just 35 pounds, making it incredibly easy to transport and store. It has retractable bow and stern handles for easy carrying, that won’t get in the way when they aren’t needed.

The Rio has a fixed seat with Eddyline’s Infinity Seat System. The seat has five different height positions, and infinite lean and recline adjustments, for lasting comfort over long days on the water. Adjustable molded thigh braces improve comfort and control and give the Rio a great fit. It also has deck lines for more safety and storage.

It’s worth noting too that it’s designed for smaller paddlers and won’t comfortably fit bodies above about 5’9” and/or 130 pounds. It is recommended for people with an inseam of 30 inches or less, and a shoe size of 9.5 or less. Larger paddlers should consider the Eddyline Skylark.

About the brand: Eddyline

Eddyline was founded in 1971, when whitewater junkie Tom Derrer took matters into his own hands and made his own kayak. With fiberglass and a rented kayak mold, he designed and built his own boat, and, to his surprise, friends, family, and even strangers began to request their own boats from him. Tom’s business grew even further when he contacted friend Werner Furrer Sr. in Seattle. 

Relocating to Seattle, and determined to improve his designs, Derrer and Furrer began to experiment with vacuum bagging. Their first whitewater kayak, made of vacuum-bagged epoxy and s-glass, weighed just 13 pounds, when competitor kayaks weighed 30 pounds or more. The fledgling company took the market by storm. 

Today, Eddyline is still a family owned and operated company, with a focus on quality over quantity. They believe in continuous improvement, and in providing superior customer service. Their kayaks are proudly made in America and support the local economy. 


  • Nimble, maneuverable, fun kayak for day touring
  • Compact size and light weight make it easy to transport
  • Durable hull and chines for good tracking and turning 
  • Retractable handles for easy carrying
  • Infinity seat adjusts in height, recline, and lean to fit comfortably
  • Molded thigh braces improve control
  • Bulkhead hatches for storage
  • Bungees at bow and stern for safety and storage


  • Best on calm, still water
  • Designed for smaller paddlers so not suitable for taller kayakers


Eddyline kayaks are designed and made by a family that loves the water and wants to share their passion with the world. The Rio was designed to make kayaking fun for beginners and pros alike, who want the best in speed, responsiveness, and convenience in handling. 

The Eddyline Rio Kayak is the perfect kayak for beginners who want a comfortable, responsive kayak to build their skills with. It’s also a great choice for small or petite paddlers who are uncomfortable in larger, wider kayaks, since the compact Rio fits smaller bodies better. It’s fast, responsive, and fun, with great comfort and durable construction you can enjoy for years on the water.