Perception Conduit 13 Review

The Perception Conduit is a 13 foot hardshell kayak that makes an ideal purchase for beginner and intermediate paddlers. It’s made for flat water like rivers and lakes to help you explore in safe and stable boat. Made in the USA, it combines the perfect balance of speed, stability and comfort at an affordable price and has quite the following of fans.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of its features and see why it might be a good kayak for you in our Perception Conduit 13 review.

Perception Conduit 13 Overview

The Perception Conduit 13 is an American made kayak. It boasts of a minimalist design that places an emphasis on functionality. As a result, there is no excess bulk on the boat. Everything that you see on it is essential. This is always a great way to ensure that the weight of a kayak is kept within a reasonable range. 

One of the most eye-catching parts of this kayak is the seat. The design is ergonomic. The build quality is of excellent quality. There is some storage room on the front and rear end of the kayak. We will cover this and the other features of the kayak in more detail below.


  • Weight – 51 lbs
  • Capacity – 295 lbs
  • Length – 13′
  • Width – 26.5″

Construction and build

There is only room for one user on this kayak. The design is compact. This means that there is no excessive room, even for the solo user. Most users appreciate this, as it also means that controlling the kayak is a little bit easier. Although the shape suggests that this is a fast kayak, it is surprisingly beginner-friendly. 

This kayak is 13’ or 396cm long, and 26.5” or 67cm wide. It has a deck height of 12” or 30 cm and a cockpit width of 21” or 53cm. The maximum cockpit length is 38” or 97cm.  


We have already mentioned that the seat on this kayak is easy on the eye. Fortunately, the performance is just as impressive. It is designed to be very comfortable. While this may not become apparent on short voyages, you will undoubtedly appreciate it when out on the water for a long time. The seat reduces the amount of fatigue that you endure. This is mainly down to the reduced need to adjust yourself. 

It is a back-friendly seat that allows you to comfortably lean back. This is courtesy of incredible cushioning. There is sufficient room to stretch your legs out. Your legs will derive tremendous benefit from the padding that runs on either side of the cockpit. This is there to give you comfort and support. 


The Perception conduit 13 weighs 51lbs/23kg. Based on this weight, we can say that it is reasonably easy for one person to transport it. The only challenge would perhaps be presented by its dimensions. In which case, it may be worth having an extra pair of hands or at least someone to direct you as you move it. 

There is a maximum capacity of 295lbs/134kg on this kayak. That is plenty of weight allowance for one person and whatever they choose to store on the kayak, within reason. Considering that there is not much storage space, this should not be a problem. 

User Guide

Although this is a fairly versatile or perhaps generic kayak, it is best suited for use in lakes or ponds. It will perform just as well on any water source in which the water is slow-moving. This is just as true for slow-moving coastal streams. It can also be used in open water, both fresh and saltwater. Caution is advised when taking on turbulent water.  


When purchasing your kayak one of the things that you will want to know is how long it will last. This is especially true when you are spending a significant amount of money on it. You will be pleased to find that this kayak has some key features that will ensure that it lasts for a while. 

It has a high UV, impact, and abrasion resistance. This is to say that when you are out in the sun, your kayak will not quickly deteriorate due to direct exposure. In the inevitable event that you collide against surfaces, your kayak is just as ready to endure this. The same can be said of its ability to take on abrasion without showing signs of roughing up. 

According to the manufacturer, this is largely credited to their industry-leading rotational molding process. High quality always goes a long way. The colors and graphics with which the designs are finished are wear-proof. 


Although there is no emphasis on delivering a lot of storage room, we are pleased to find that some effort has gone into it. The conduit has two areas in which you can store your items. This is at the front and the rear end of the boat. The manufacturer ensured that these storage spaces are dry zones. This is essential for a kayak, seeing as there will be water splashing onto the surface. 

The storage areas are completely sealed off, stopping water from entering the space. 

About the Brand: Perception

According to their website, Perception Kayaks have been at the forefront of easing first-time users into kayaking for over 40 years now. This is not where their reach ends. They continue to hold a special place in the hearts of more experienced users. All the products are manufactured in Greenville, South Carolina. This includes all of the modeling and the manufacturing process. This is a brand that is known for providing kayaks that are comfortable and durable. 


  • It comes with a 5-year warranty cover.
  • There is a reasonable amount of storage space. 
  • There is plenty leg room on this kayak.
  • It is quite a stable boat.
  • It is fairly durable and evidently well-made.


  • Tracking in the wind could be much better.
  • Does not come with enough documentation.
  • Could use a drinks holder. 


Perception Conduit 13 | Sit Inside Kayak | Recreational Kayak with Front and...
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Perception Conduit 13 | Sit Inside Kayak | Recreational Kayak with Front and...
  • Fun, fast and versatile – the best sit-inside kayak for larger paddlers - Made in USA
  • Spacious cockpit provides room for most paddlers
  • Padded seat with adjustable height back offers superior comfort and excellent ventilation for long trips

Perhaps the most impressive part of the Perception conduit 13 is its stability. It holds its own when you enter or exit it on the water. This steadiness carries on while your cruise the waters. Even when you introduce your paddles, there is not much shakiness. The overall experience is enhanced by the built-in buoyancy. This is due to the bulkhead floatation that is designed to maximize this. You are assured of on-water security and of safety or leaking. The latter is a credit to the leak-proof one-piece construction. 

This is a kayak that we could certainly recommend to all users. the only thing to remind you is that its design is best suited to calm water. It is not they do kayak for taking on turbulent waters or high tides and waves.