Sea Eagle PackFish 7 Review

If you’re looking for a compact and stable inflatable boat to head out for a spot of fishing the take a look at the Sea Eagle PackFish 7. With a large weight capacity of 300lbs and a set up time of only five minutes, it’s a great option for those looking for a portable yet durable fishing boat.

While we do tend to prefer inflatable fishing kayaks, in this post we unpack this amazing little inflatable boat and take a look at why it could be the perfect vessel in our Sea Eagle PackFish 7 review.

Overview of the Sea Eagle Packfish 7

The Sea Eagle Packfish 7 is a solo occupant’s fishing boat. It has a load capacity of 300lbs. This includes the user and all of the gear that they take with them. That is a reasonable weight allowance for a fishing trip. 

There are various fixtures and fittings in place to enhance the fishing experience. This includes fixtures for fishing rods. Not only can this boat be operated by an individual, but it is also just as easy for the individual to transport and set it up. This goes a long way when one is going on a solo fishing trip. 

There is not much time required for setting the boat up either. It has a one-way valve for inflating. These make it incredibly easy to inflate the boat, which can be done in under 5 minutes. To keep your oars in place while you focus on fishing, you can depend on the oarlocks. The molded oarlocks not only keep the oars in place but also provide you with a support system that aids your effort when rowing. 

We will go into more detail about the features.

Construction and build

With all inflatable boats, resilience is of utmost importance. One way to measure this is to consider the material that was used to make it. The external protective cover of this boat is made out of 840 Denier Nylon. The external protective floor is made out of 1000 Denier PVC coated polyester. All of this is kept in shape by the use of overlapped double stitched industrial strength nylon thread. 

All of the material is fairly durable and resistant to penetration, which helps ease any puncturing concerns. 

The shape of the boat has its integrity maintained by a removable wooden floorboard. It can be used or left out based on the activities that the user has planned for the day. The key differentiator is the luggage. A good rule of thumb would be to take the wooden floorboard when you have various things to take with you. This minimizes the chance of the boat sagging due to weight distribution. 


We have already mentioned that the load capacity is 300lb. The other key weight factor to be considered is that of the boat itself. This determines how it is transported and stored. The sea eagle packfish 7 weighs 10kg without the wooden floorboard. 

The floorboard adds 3kg. With or without the floorboard, this boat is fairly lightweight. It can be carried by one person. When it is deflated, the dimensions are 13cm x 51cm x 51cm, which is reasonable for a single person to handle. The floorboard is 107cm x 39cm, which is just as easy to handle. 


We have already mentioned that this is a fishing boat. There are several onboard features to this effect. There are two 36” fish rulers on either side of the boat. This means not having to carry an additional ruler, saving much-needed space. 

There are two built-in rod holders on this boat. We can confirm that they are of industrial strength. This makes it easier for you to not only store your fishing rods. You can have your hands on one rod while the other one is set handsfree. When taking a snack break, both fishing rods can sit in the holders. 


While there isn’t much room to write home about on this boat. There is enough of it to slot in a few bits and bobs. One of my favorites storage facilities is the two orange side pockets. They are within easy reach for your hands at any given time as you are sitting in the boat. 

This makes them an ideal place to store your tackle and any other tools that may be needed. Additional storage room can be found close to your legroom although there isn’t much of it. Both pouches also come with a bottle holder. 


The seat on this boat is an inflatable one. It can be slotted in and removed with ease. You can put this into your carry back when deflated to save storage room and make it easy to transport. The pump that comes with the boat has the necessary valve for the seat as well. 

What we love the most about this seat is that it provides you with back support. It is also elevated, which gives you a good view of the water and your fishing rods. You also have a storage pocket on the rear end of the seat.


This boat has two chambers. They are divided into the main chamber and an additional upper safety chamber. As you can imagine, the upper safety chamber is the one that would be your last line of defense in the event of getting a puncture. 

It is the one that would keep you afloat as you steer your boat back to the shore. The tube diameter is 33 cm, which means that there is a lot of deflating that has to happen before for one can deem it a crisis. 

Tracking Strips

There are four tracking strips underneath the boat. These are the sort of features that you may not appreciate for a while. They do come in handy when you are dealing with some turbulence or a particularly large fish. The tracking strips help to maintain direction. They also remedy one of the ubiquitous issues associated with inflated boats, which is the instability when dealing with wind. 

About the brand: Sea Eagle

Sea eagle has been making inflatable boats since 1968. It is an American brand that is based in Long Island, New York City. Their location has allowed them a clear view of the needs that fishermen have as well as the perfect place to try out their new products. The products are distributed across the world and stocked by some of the biggest retailers.


  • It is easy to transport
  • It is lightweight
  • Comes with a 3-year warranty cover
  • There is a 180-day money-back guarantee.
  • It can be fully inflated in minimum time.


  • There is not a lot of storage room

Sea Eagle Packfish 7 Alternatives

If you had your heart set on getting an inflatable fishing kayak rather than a boat, we understand. Here’s a couple of other ones you might want to take a look at instead.

Sea Eagle 350fx Fishing Explorer

If you like the Sea Eagle brand but want something with more space, more durability and more style then look no further than the Sea Eagle 350fx Fishing Explorer. It’s one of the most durable inflatable kayak on the market being made of an almost indestructible 2000 Denier reinforced protective material that’s described as being as tough as crocodile hides. It’s got all the important features a modern angler needs and at a very reasonable cost. Click the button below for more information and the best price.

Sevylor Colorado Fishing Kayak

Sevylor Colorado 2-Person Inflatable Fishing Kayak, Complete with Paddle & Rod...
412 Reviews
Sevylor Colorado 2-Person Inflatable Fishing Kayak, Complete with Paddle & Rod...
  • 18-gauge PVC Construction: Rugged and lake-use friendly
  • 1000D Tarpaulin Bottom and 840D Nylon Cover: Provides durable puncture protection
  • Multiple Air Chambers: Allows another chamber to stay inflated if one is punctured

Another inflatable kayak worth taking a look at if you want one for fishing is the Sevylor Colorado. It’s a 2 person inflatable with loads more room than the PackFish 7 and comes with everything you need for a day out on the water fishing. It’s got rod holders, space for mounting a trolling motor, strong durable materials and all at a reasonable price. Check out our Sevylor Colorado review here or click below for more information.


Sea Eagle PF7K PackFish Inflatable Boat Deluxe Fishing Package
85 Reviews
Sea Eagle PF7K PackFish Inflatable Boat Deluxe Fishing Package
  • UNIQUE, lightweight, incredibly portable, completely dry enclosed hull, high and dry, fully rigged, durable, one man, affordable,...
  • FEATURES 2 built-in ROD HOLDERS to keep your rods secure and 2 conveniently located 36" Fish Rulers / 4 tracking strips to assist...
  • TWO CONVENIENTLY LOCATED Pouch Pockets to store your tackle and tools with our Quik-2-Zip double zipper system for quick & easy...

The one thing that can easily be taken for granted is the bottle holder. When there is limited room on board, having a place for your water bottle will be appreciated. The sea eagle packfish 7 is a true one-person boat. It does not require more than an individual to transport or to set it up. Everything that you need on the boat is within arm’s reach while you are seated. 

We would certainly recommend this boat to fishermen. Although we wish it had a little more room for storage.