Wilderness Systems Radar 115 Review

The Wilderness Systems Radar 115 is an incredibly versatile fishing kayak. It has been designed throughout with SMART Hull Technology: Stability, Maneuverability, Acceleration, Responsiveness, and Tracking. 

The flat deck creates a stable platform for freedom of movement while standing, and it’s the first Wilderness Systems kayak that offers triple-power technology. It can be powered by a paddle, the pedals, or with a motor. The Wilderness System Helix PD Pedal Drive is incredibly efficient and intuitive to operate, with a built-in steering control system. 

Anglers love the ample storage, SlideTrax rails, and infinite customizability of this kayak. It is compatible with multiple electronics, so you can down-image or side-scan and loaded with options and features to make every day on the water your best. 

Overview of the Wilderness Systems Radar 115


  • Type: 1 person sit on top fishing kayak
  • Size: 11’8” x 34”
  • Weight: 82 pounds
  • Deck height: 15 inches
  • Weight capacity: 450 pounds
  • Materials: Polyethylene
  • Hatches: 4
  • Colors: Sonar, mesa camo, midnight, and atomic

Construction and build

Wilderness Systems’ SMART Hull Technology designs for Stability, Maneuverability, Acceleration, Responsiveness, and Tracking in every aspect of the kayak. The upswept bow of the Radar 115 cuts the water, with a defined keel line for tracking and a rockered chine for responsive maneuverability. It has a flat platform for easy standing, whether you want to paddle or cast from a standing position, with the stability for balance even in rougher water. 

The Wilderness Systems Radar 115 has a flex pod that can be used for the innovative Helix PD Pedal Drive system that provides exceptional speed and efficiency, with an auto-raising mast for zero draft when you need it. It can also be moved out of the way to clear deck space for standing and movement. 

A second flex pod could also be used for the Helix MD Motor Drive, so you can power the Radar 115 in three different ways. The Flex Pods can also be used for fast and easy installation of a fish finder or other electronics. 

The AirPro MAX seat is not only incredibly comfortable and adjustable, but you can even slide and fold it for more deck space when standing. The seat has a lightweight aluminum frame and comfortable mesh suspension to keep you cool and dry. The incredible range of adjustability in the AirPro MAX makes it easy to fish all day long in complete comfort. 

Adjust the height, slide the seat fore or aft, fold it down, or even recline it to relax while you fish. Combined with the large, padded, adjustable footrest, the Radar 115 offers incredible comfort in the cockpit. 

The Wilderness Systems Radar 115 is packed with an incredible amount of storage for a boat this size. The rear tank well has an adjustable bungee and easily stores crates, coolers, or tackle boxes. The Orbix Bow hatch creates additional secure storage in the front, while the rectangular center hatch provides watertight storage right in arms reach, but flush with the deck to not interfere with your freedom of movement. 

This kayak also has thoughtful details like paddle parks, a self-draining tackle pocket, and side recesses for mounting a steering system, but the reason anglers love this boat so much is because of its incredible versatility and customization options. Not only can you use the flex pods for the Helix Pedal Drive or Helix Motor drive, or for installing electronic devices like fish finders and scanners, but this little boat is loaded with ways to add your own custom upgrades. 

In the Stern

A stern mounting plate allows you to mount accessories like stakeout poles or trolling motors. There is also a stern mounting location for the elevated AirPro 3D seat, providing additional visibility and comfort from a versatile seat location.  


The AirPro Max has side attachment points for pockets or accessories. The kayak also has a mid-ship Slide Trax accessory mounting area.


Of course, there is a second Slide Trax mounting area in the front, and the two flex pod mounting areas. But there is also a flat mounting area for yet more gear in the bow of your kayak.  

About the brand: Wilderness Systems

Wilderness Systems kayaks are among the best in the world, winning awards year after year from customers, experts, and even business partners. Founded in South Carolina in 1986, they quickly became one of the most recognized brands in the industry, and they continually strive to build on their reputation for quality, innovation, and value. 


  • Tri-powered kayak capable of motor, pedal, or paddle locomotion
  • Maneuverable, excellent tracking, and excellent stability
  • Stable deck for standing, with seat and fixtures that stay out of the way of free movement
  • Comfortable, breathable seat capable of huge range of adjustments
  • Mount for second, elevated seat
  • Generous storage throughout
  • Huge range of options for adding accessories, gear, and electronics
  • Thoughtful details like paddle storage and self-draining tackle storage
  • Steering mounting locations on both sides, to suit your preference
  • Compatible with Wilderness Systems incredible Helix Pedal or Motor drives
  • Rudders can be locked in position for easy drifting


  • The only slight complaint some people have about the Radar 115 is that it lacks side carry handles
  • It may go without saying, but fully equipping this kayak with the Wilderness Systems Helix drives, rudder, and various accessories can get very expensive very quickly


Wilderness Systems Radar 115, Sit on Top Fishing Kayak, Premium Angler Kayak,...
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Wilderness Systems Radar 115, Sit on Top Fishing Kayak, Premium Angler Kayak,...
  • A bestselling tri-powered kayak with paddle, power and pedal capabilities
  • Compatible with the Helix MD Motor Drive and Helix PD Pedal Drive (both sold separately)
  • Offers a flat platform for standing and freedom of movement combined with state-of-the-art outfitting

The Wilderness Systems Radar 115 is designed to be the angling kayak of your dreams. The tri-powered system, incredible maneuverability and stability, attention to detail, and diversity of mounting options means that you can customize and outfit this kayak for years and never need to upgrade. 

It offers excellent performance with any method of propulsion, and even large anglers feel stable and comfortable standing and moving freely around the deck. 

It’s built to delight, with thoughtful touches and extra details at every turn, and incredibly comfortable to reduce fatigue and keep you fresh even over long days on the water. The Radar 115 is almost the perfect fishing kayak right out of the box, but over time it offers a thousand ways to make it whatever you want it to be.