Best Kayak Brands

Now that you have begun to narrow down the types of kayaks and the style of kayaking you want to do, you can begin to search brands. There are several kayak manufacturers on the market and we have gathered some of the best kayak brands for you to compare in one place to make your search for the perfect kayak a bit easier.

Please keep in mind that although the brand ratings may be higher than others, specific kayaks made under a certain brand may be better than others despite having an overall lower rating. The chart below should be used as a rough guide only.

Advanced Elements

Focuses on designing and manufacturing inflatable kayaks ‘with cutting edge technology’. Performance, quality and portability are the three most important areas for excellent kayaking experience. Currently offer products worldwide at affordable rates. Great for beginners and experts to use on wide range of water types.


Long trusted name for quality and durability. Kayaks are made with stability, ease of use, and longevity in mind. Can be found internationally. Coleman offers a full line of kayaks for every type of kayaking style.

Sun Dolphin

Specializes in recreational and fishing kayaks. Offers sit in and sit on top styles. One of the most popular brands in North America due to durability and ease of use.

Sea Eagle

Specifically known for inflatable kayaks for all types of kayaking styles. Can make custom kayaks. Focuses on portability, storage, and durability when designing and manufacturing kayaks. Ensures each kayak is light and fast to assemble.


Currently offers 15 types of kayaks specializing in fishing and recreational. High levels of quality and durability are put into manufacturing each kayak. Offers sit in and sit on top styles for a wide variety of water types.


Known for stability. Lifetime kayaks are built from high-density polyethylene plastic which makes them durable and light weight. Different styles available for both adult and kids kayaks.

Future Beach

Uses rotomolding technology to manufacture their kayaks which allows high quality and style at lower costs. Rotomolding allows kayaks to be more flexible in design and shape, which creates unique and high performing kayaks.


Specializes in inflatable kayaks. Provides high quality PVC to each kayak for durability, stability, and rugged use. Can be used on lakes or mild rivers only.


Inflatable kayaks are the focus. Each of their kayaks are extremely durable and lightweight, allowing them to be easier to carry and store without sacrificing stability and safety. Offers several varieties for a wide range of water types.

Ocean Kayak

Offers a wide range of kayak types from children, adults, and even women specific kayaks. Provides a kayak for any type of water or skill level. All kayaks are durable and versatile.

Which is the best brand?

It’s hard to say which is the best brand as some will specialize in certain types of kayak. But, when you are shopping around for a kayak, keeping these name brands in mind will help ensure that you are not disappointed and that you find the perfect kayak.