The 5 Best Kayak Carts and Trolleys in 2020

Most kayakers will agree that kayaks are not great when it comes to portability. With the exception of inflatables, kayaks are heavy, oddly shaped and unwieldily that make carrying them hard work and not kind to your back, especially if you’re on your own and don’t have another pair of hands to help.

But, there is a solution which is getting a kayak cart or trolley to bear some of the weight on the way down to the water’s edge.

In this post, we’re going to review some of the best kayak carts on the market and give you our recommendations of which ones to go for.

Best Cart For Carry A Kayaking

Best Rated Kayak Cart Reviews

Now we’re going to move on to our kayak cart reviews and dive into some of the features and benefits that make a good kayak trolley.

#1. Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart

Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart | Flat-Free Wheels | 450 Lb Weight...
  • Paddling magazine's 2018 winner in the "best transport/storage/launching' Category
  • Engineered to transport the heaviest kayaks - up to 450 pounds
  • Easy to load and unload the kayak – no kickstand or scupper posts required

Our favorite kayak cart is easily the Wilderness Systems Heavy Duty Kayak Cart here. It was voted Paddling magazines best product in the transport and launching category and for good reason. It’s a high quality, durable and easy to use kayak cart that can transport a wapping 450lbs of yak taking the load of you to make launching a breeze. It’s frame is built with marine grade, heat treaded aluminum alloy that means it’s incredibly strong (it’s able to carry 450lbs!) while still being very lightweight and easy to carry on its own.

The 12″ wheels make covering difficult terrain easy and are no-flat wheels so you can never get a puncture, an important feature to look for. It also comes with another set of beach wheels that are designed for covering sand. It also has an adjustable height option that means you can raise or lower the kayak depending on the size that you’re carrying.

The only downside is that it’s a little bit pricier than some of the other options on the market but as you’ll see by reading the reviews it definitely is worth the small additional investment.

#2. Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart
  • Airless 10” tires, they will never go flat!
  • Powder-coated aluminum frame with stainless steel hardware
  • Boat rests on durable rubber pads

Up next we have the Suspenz Smart Airless DLX kayak cart that’s made for kayaks not as heavy as the Wilderness Systems one above. It’s able to transport up to 125lbs which is more than enough for most kayaks. It’s made with a great looking yellow frame that’s made with lightweight and durable powder coated aluminum to ensure it doesn’t corrode and lasts for years to come.

Where the kayak sits on the cart are durable rubber pads to prevent scratches or damage. The tires are also really good and don’t contain any air so they can never go flat when traversing different terrains. Also, when not in use, it fold up and packs into an included carry bag for easy storage and transport.

#3. RAILBLAZA C-Tug Kayak and Canoe Cart

RAILBLAZA Ctug Kayak or Canoe Trolley Cart
  • Puncture Free Wheels: High grip rubber tread wheels are puncture free. Never worry about getting a flat tire on your kayak and...
  • Strap your canoe or kayak to the cart and roll to your next destination. Keeps you from having to lift and carry your heavy boat...
  • Tool Free Assembly: Dismantles in under 20 seconds and fits inside kayak hatch to take to your next destination. Allows for easy...

Another kayak cart worth looking at is this one from RAILBLAZA, an outdoor brand from New Zealand. Their trolley is another high quality and high capacity cart that has a max capacity of 300lbs so plenty for transporting kayaks. It’s made with durable composite stainless steel that’s powder coated to prevent it rusting and able to take the brunt of carrying heavy kayaks.

It’s very easy to set up and requires no tools and when you’re finished it dismantles in under 20 seconds to store easily for when you next need it. It’ll keep your kayak safe too with rubber pads that can be adjusted to fit the shape of your kayak and avoid scratches. It also has high grip rubber tread wheels that are airless so can’t get punctures.

#4. Bonnlo Kayak Cart

Bonnlo Universal Kayak Carrier Trolley Cart Dolly for Carrying Kayaks, Canoes,...
  • ►Practical: Use the Bonnlo Universal Boat Carrier to cart your kayak, canoe, paddleboard, float mat, or jon boat
  • ►Durable: Has a 150-pound weight limit, constructed from high-strength anodized steel to ensure longevity while also keeping the...
  • ►Airless tires: No chemical smell, large NO-FLAT airless tires (10"D x 3"W) won't go flat under the heaviest of loads, will roll...

In at number four we have this great, inexpensive kayak cart from Bonnlo. It’s got a weight capacity of 150lbs and is built using high strength anodized steel to prevent rust and longevity.

It’s another kayak cart with airless tires so you’re never at risk of suffering a puncture, a great feature when carrying your kayak over rocky and uneven terrain. Again, when you’re done transporting your yak, simple disassemble it and pop it in the storage hatch for when you next need it. It’s considerably cheaper than

#5. RAD Sportz Kayak Trolley

1236 RAD Sportz Kayak Trolley Kayak Cart with Pneumatic Tires 150 LB Capacity...
  • ►RUGGED: With a 150 pound weight capacity, your RAD Kayak Trolley will haul even the largest kayaks or canoes with ease to and...
  • ►SAFE AND SECURE: With the included tie down straps, you don't need to worry about your kayak falling off the trolley.
  • ►CONVENIENT: Compacts down to a compact size for easy storage or transport.

Lastly, we have another great kayak trolley, this time from RAD Sportz. It’s the cheapest cart on our list but that doesn’t mean it’s not up to the job. It’s able to take 150lbs and is built with highly durable, lightweight aluminum frame that’s powder coated to prevent rust and that it’ll last for years.

It has 9.5″ pneumatic tires (filled with air) so it does have the risk of getting a puncture but RAD Sportz claim they’ll never go flat. Some customers have reported receiving plastic tires however so check yours when it arrives. When you’re done it folds away very compactly so makes for easy storage. Definitely one to consider if you’re on a tight budget.