The 5 Best Kayak Hoist Systems For A Garage In 2020

Space at home is a finite resource and sometimes with all the stuff in the garage there’s not where to store your kayak. One solution is using the empty space above your head and utilise the ceiling to store your kayak but what should you use? We recommend using a kayak hoist pulley system to solve this problem and free up some more space on the ground.

In this post we’ve put together a list of what we think are the best kayak hoist systems to suspend your yak up in the air safely and securely.

Best Hoists For A Kayak

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#1. Rad Sportz Kayak Hoist LiftCURRENT PRICE
#2. VIVOHOME Heavy Duty Kayak HoistCURRENT PRICE
#3. Extreme Max Kayak HoistCURRENT PRICE
#4. Mrhardware Kayak HoistCURRENT PRICE
#5. Powerfly Garage Ceiling Kayak HoistCURRENT PRICE

Best Rated Kayak Hoist System Reviews

Here we have some of the best rated systems for hoisting your kayak in your garage.

#1. Rad Sportz Kayak Hoist

1004 Kayak Hoist Lift Garage Storage Canoe Hoists 125 lb Capacity - Two 2 Pack
  • ►RUBBER COATED HOOKS - Hooks are designed with a rubber coating to protect from scratches. Durable straps ensure that your kayak...
  • ►EASY TO INSTALL - Mount to your ceiling joist or rafter and so easy to use. With only the minimum of tools you can have your...
  • ►ROBUST ENGINEERING - allows you to lift heavy products, up to 125lb. Capacity. This is the kayak hoist that all the other are...

Our number one choice for the best hoist to hang a kayak is this one from Rad Sportz. It’s quick and easy to install and will have your kayaks hanging safely in no time at all. It has a number of features that make it the ideal hoist such as highly durable rubber coated hooks to protect your kayak from getting scratched and keep it securely in place. Another feature to ensure maximum safety is the locking mechanism which prevents accidents from happening and keep the items (and people) below safe too.

It’s made for use on ceilings up to 12 feet high so is ideal for a garage to have it hanging over your car or truck. It has a big 125lb capacity which is more than enough for the average kayak which weighs in at 50lbs. What’s more, it comes as a pack of two so you can safely store two kayaks or even use it for bikes, ladders or any other items you need to get out of the way.

#2. VIVOHOME Heavy Duty Kayak Hoist

VIVOHOME Heavy Duty Ceiling Mount Bicycle Kayak Canoe Garage Storage Rack Lift...
  • PREMIUM BUILD - The hooks are made of heavy-duty iron with rubber coating, which protect objects from scratching or slips; Strong...
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Designed with a pulley system, you can mount or hang kayaks to ceiling with ease; Just hook up your kayak then...
  • LARGE CAPACITY - The ceiling hoist allows you lift heavy loads weighing up to 125lbs up to 10 feet high; Greatly save space in...

Next we have this well designed and sturdy kayak hoist from VivoHome. It’s a premium heavy duty hoist that features strong iron hooks with rubber coating for protection and highly durable ropes that are tear resistant to prevent any accidents happening and keep all your possessions safe. It’s a very easy to install pulley system that once set up makes putting your kayak away a breeze. Just hook and pull and it takes all the strain out of lifting.

It’s got another large capacity weight load being able to lift up to 125lbs to 10 feet high which is plenty to then park your car underneath in a garage. It also has a safety look to keep everything in place and prevent falls onto your vehicle or any other items being stored below. Like the Rad Sportz one, it also comes as a pack of two so use it with other items or a even a second kayak!

#3. Extreme Max Kayak Hoist

Extreme Max 3004.0204 Kayak/Canoe/Bike/Ladder Hoist & Lift for Storage in Shop...
  • Kayak hoist system lifts and stores kayaks, canoes, bikes, ladders and more in the shop or garage
  • Easily lift and lower stored items; one person operation
  • Includes pulleys, lift hooks, mounting brackets and hardware, 50' hoist rope, and 2" x 94" saddle straps

Another option to consider is this hoist from outdoor gear brand Extreme Max. It’s able to lift up to 120lbs of weight so slightly less than the other two hoists we’ve looked at so far but still plenty to lift up your kayak and have some capacity left over. A feature we like about this one is that as you pull the pulleys the kayak is raised into the air at each side at the same rate. A nice little feature that is a lot safer to do on your own.

As you’d expect, it has a locking mechanism for added safety is made from strong, powder coated (to prevent rust) steel that ensures your hoist system will last for years.

#4. Mrhardware Kayak Hoist

Mrhardware Kayak Hoist Quality Garage Storage Canoe Lift with 100 lb Capacity...
  • RUBBER COATED HOOKS - Hooks are designed with a rubber coating to protect from scratches. Durable straps ensure that your kayak is...
  • EASY TO INSTALL - Mount to your ceiling joist or rafter and so easy to use. With only the minimum of tools you can have your kayak...
  • ROBUST ENGINEERING - Allows you to lift heavy products, up to 100lb. Capacity. This is the kayak hoist that all the other are...

In at number four we have this great little kayak hoist from MrHardWare. Again, it’s got all the features that you’d want to see such as rubber coated hooks to prevent your kayak getting scratched, a high weight capacity (it can carry up to 100lb items) and is really easy to install.

Some customers have reported it didn’t feel so secure with heavier items (over 80lbs) so we wouldn’t recommend it for big kayaks, but for smaller ones it more than does the job.

#5. Powerfly Kayak Hoist System

Powerfly Garage Ceiling Kayak Storage - Bike Hoist Hanger - Ladder, Kayak & Bike...
  • Overhead garage storage rack for kayaks, bikes, and other equipment, gear and accessories
  • Powerfly kayak hoist supports up to 125lb (57kg) as parts are stainless steel
  • Lift, store and secure your kayak with the robust pulley system

And lastly we have the Powerfly kayak hoist system which is a quick and easy to install (only takes a few minutes) pulley system that means you can safely store your kayak or other items out the way in your garage. It’s easy to set up, made from durable sturdy materials and able to hold a good 125lbs of weight, ideal for kayaks and other similar items.

One downside was the quality of the rope which could have been slightly better quality. We’d consider replacing this if you’re going to be hanging very heavy items. It also doesn’t have the best instructions but there are some good youtube videos explaining the installation and use very well.