Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Kayak Review

The Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Tandem Inflatable Kayak is a fully functional inflatable kayak, with a great design, desirable features, and durable construction, in a compact, portable kit with everything you need to unpack the kayak and be on the water in just minutes. 

The Driftsun Voyager consistently ranks at the top when looking for a 2 person inflatable whitewater kayak with professional reviews and performance tests, where people love the ease of handling, great tracking, simplicity of setup, and comfort over long use. The Driftsun Voyager is one of the best tandem inflatable kayaks, with a lot to love. 

Overview of the Driftsun Voyager

The Driftsun Voyager is comfortable and rugged, tracks well in the water, and has a lot of thoughtful details that make it stand out over other inflatable kayaks. 

The included paddles have comfortable grips; the D-rings and paddle straps make it easy to stow and use your gear; the EVA foam seats are more comfortable and durable than inflatable seats; and corrosion-resistant hardware ensures durability. This kind of attention to detail and quality makes the Driftsun Voyager appeal to people who want the ease and portability of an inflatable kayak, but want the durability and quality of a hardshell. 


  • Inflated size – 10 feet x 35 inches x 16 inches
  • Deflated size – 26 inches x 16 inches x 8 inches
  • Weight – 27 pounds
  • Weight capacity – 2 people/450 pounds

What did we like about how it’s made?

  • Rugged hull – The heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin bottom provides durable protection from punctures and abrasions.
  • Reliable valves – Double-threaded Boston valves are guaranteed not to leak, and make inflation and deflation fast and easy. 
  • Ripstop cover – The tough 840D coated nylon oxford fabric top cover is rip and tear resistant for extra durability. 
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware – High-quality hardware resists water damage 
  • 3 air chambers – Multiple air chambers improve safety in the event of a leak or puncture. 

What we like about the design

  • Sleek hull shape – The rocker profile and pointed nose entry delivers excellent performance in both calm and choppy waters
  • Removable skeg – The removable deep fin provides responsive tracking
  • Self-bailing – It has a rear drain plug for easy draining and cleaning
  • Foam seats – The high-quality EVA padded seats offer improved back support for hours of comfortable cruising
  • Paddle straps – Convenient paddle straps make storage easy.
  • Splash guard – The splash guard protects the cockpit in rougher waters 
  • Reinforced carry handles – The convenient handles make it easy to carry the kayak when inflated
  • Inflates in less than 5 minutes – The full-size kayak inflates and is water-ready in just minutes.
  • Cargo space – There is plenty of storage available, with both front and rear bungee compartments.

What accessories are included? 

  • Paddles – It comes with two aluminum kayak paddles with ergonomic grip handles
  • Air pump – It also comes with a deluxe high-flow double action pump
  • Travel bag – Everything packs, carries, and stores in the included travel bag

How to use the Driftsun Voyager

You should always follow the instructions that come with your inflatable kayak and set up the kayak as recommended. Inflate the valves in the correct order, and do not over- or under-inflate the kayak. Remember that air contracts and expands with temperature, so the PSI in an inflatable kayak may change as you use it if the temperature changes. If you start a kayak trip in the morning, check and adjust the PSI a few hours later if the day has warmed. 

Always take an air pump and a repair kit with you on the kayak, in addition to wearing a PFD, so that you can adjust inflation and make quick repairs if necessary. It’s also smart to always bring drinking water, sunscreen, and a whistle on any kayak trip, even if it’s a short one. 

Tell me the pros

Versatile cockpit with generous weight capacity

The Driftsun Voyager can be configured for solo or tandem kayaking, with room for storage, a pet, or fishing gear. The ability to hold up to 450 pounds is impressive. 

Complete kit

The Driftsun Voyager comes with everything you need to get on the water, including a pump and kayak paddles 

EVA foam seats

Unlike most kayaks that have inflatable seats, the Driftsun Voyager has EVA seats. These seats are lightweight and compact, and more comfortable over long excursions than inflatable seats. They also allow paddlers to sit lower in the boat than most inflatable seats.

Fast and easy setup

Inflation and setup of the Driftsun Voyager is fast and easy, to get you on the water in just a few minutes. 

High-quality accessories

The included pump, paddles, and carry bag are durable and high quality. The paddles are more comfortable and higher quality than come with many inflatable kayaks. 

What about the cons


The Driftsun Voyager is more expensive than some comparable inflatable kayaks, but it is also made of more durable, higher-quality materials than most, which should allow the kayak to last longer than less expensive inflatables. 

Cumbersome to dry

In order to store the Driftsun Voyager, you need to let it dry completely, in order to prevent mold and mildew. This means removing the outer fabric and laying it in the sun to dry, and then replacing it. That process can be a bit difficult and time-consuming. 

Related products

Personal Floatation Device

No matter where your water adventures take you, you need a personal floatation device. They are required equipment, and can also be surprisingly useful and versatile. 

A great choice for the Driftsun Voyager is the Stohlquist Edge Life Jacket. It is a compact, open, lightweight design that won’t interfere with your range of motion when paddling, or create uncomfortable heat. It naturally contours to the body for security without tightness. It also has generous storage pockets and compartments, to keep needed items close at hand, rather than stowed at the ends of the kayak. Life vests with storage are a fantastic option for inflatable kayaks, particularly since the Driftsun Voyager doesn’t have seat-back pockets. 

Repair Kit

It’s also a good idea to always keep a PVC repair kit on an inflatable kayak, even when you have the protection of multiple air chambers. The Driftsun Voyager doesn’t come with a repair kit, and Driftsun doesn’t make one, but the Sea Eagle small repair kit for inflatable boats is a good choice. It’s compact, and comes in a small waterproof container that is easy to tie and store anywhere on the kayak. The included patches and glue will work to repair small tears, leaks, and punctures, and keeping the kit on hand protects you in case of emergencies. 

About Sevylor

Driftsun was launched in 2014 and is based in Northern California. Company founders are passionate about the outdoors and love their local lakes, and want to share their love of nature and make it more accessible for everyone, with high standards in design and quality. They aim to inspire adventure, and live their company values with team lake trips and outdoor excursions. 

Driftsun also has a strong standard of ethics, complying with California Proposition 65 in avoiding use of conflict minerals, complying with the UK’s Modern Slavery Act of 2015 to prevent trafficking in their supply chain, and enforcing ethical standards with their suppliers in an open, transparent manner. 

Summing up the Driftsun Voyager Kayak

Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Tandem Inflatable Kayak, Includes 2 Aluminum Paddles,...
133 Reviews
Driftsun Voyager 2 Person Tandem Inflatable Kayak, Includes 2 Aluminum Paddles,...
  • INFLATES QUICKLY: The Driftsun Voyager Kayak inflates to a full size kayak (10ft. x 35” x 16”) in less than 5 minutes with the...
  • COMPACT & MANEUVERABLE: When deflated for transport this inflatable kayak measures only 26”(L) x 16”(W) x 8”(H) and fits...
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Heavy-duty PVC Tarpaulin bottom provides durable protection from punctures, Double Threaded Boston valves are...

If you are looking for an inflatable tandem kayak that is easy to setup, handles well, and has a durable construction that will last for season after season, the Driftsun Voyager is an excellent choice, with rave reviews all over the internet from experts and amateurs alike. 

The Driftsun Voyager is a great inflatable kayak, with a super lightweight, portable design, but a generous, comfortable cockpit with a high weight rating. It is made of durable, high-quality materials and has great details in design. It handles well in the water, and comes with everything you need to enjoy your water adventures in comfort and style.